February 20,2024

To the stalkers ,I'm moving out of state of Ohio, my computers and phones that you hacked into will also be disconnected or thrown away. My van and trailer that you have tracking devices on will be sold to a new owner. I will broadcast on  live stream from Lee Road until I meet my family at a designated meeting point, see if you can find and share the broadcast.


November 09,2023@ 2:24 a.m. 

This information is for the alleged stalkers that are stalking me. I have  located an attorney that you can consult with about your questionable behavior.  I understand that you may have a  lawyer . 

In my opinion, I believe  the  lawyers are giving the stalkers misinformation.  Hence, they should contact this lawyer  for a second opinion  or any lawyer and speak directly with them about Ohio's Serial Stalking Laws .  Most lawyers offer a free consultation. 

For the record, I believe I am being stalked by a  large group of stalkers in close proximity .  They are especially dangerous because some of them  are  nameless ,homeless, drive  various vehicles  and are visitors  with unknown criminal records. 

I  believe they may cause harm to me as they have  trained dogs/wildlife and I am outnumbered. 

This is your warning before this matter escalates into a courtroom. 

You don't even know me,if you knew me you would back the muck off me .

Here  is your new theme song to play while standing around your backyard campfire ring  getting high off of illegal substances and plotting  ignorance Bad Boys what you gonna do.