September 18,2023 @ 7:07 a.m.

According to video surveillance over the past years, bicyclist have allegedly attempted assault upon me by barreling down the sidewalk while I’m mowing the yard, September 15,2023 with bicyclist Becky was the most recent encounter.

 They allegedly time, my turn around, near the sidewalk, to force me off the sidewalk, while laughing like a Cheshire cat  and waving profusely. I have years of footage with mostly Caucasian bicyclist running me off the sidewalk or running over the extension cord to my lawn mower.

The bicycle bandits of Color, step it up a notch ,they yell at me, when passing.   I know they have been sent to harass me because I know  the number of People of Color who walk, jog or bike on this block.

 They appear to be homeless people because they are dirty and smell like a boat load of dung, I can smell them 30 feet away with their stench filling the  air ,as they pass by at high speed. 

 Videos  show calculated moves by bicyclist who wait until I’m near the sidewalk, before they come barreling down the sidewalk, with a Cheshire cat smile and waving like a fool.  I don’t know or want to know who you are so stop with the bogus pleasantries.

Understand the laws of gravity, should you strike me while riding on your bicycle, you too will fall to the ground entangled in a bicycle and there is a high possibility of an unknown justified reaction from me.

 Video  also show, the properties in camera view never have bicyclist interference when mowing or yard work is performed. Also, note that some of the bicycles are equipped with battery power, making them accelerate faster.

 Again, when lawless individuals do things wrong for so long, they tend to think it is right.  

I have read the Cleveland Heights city ordinance for bicyclist. I will no longer hurry off the sidewalk for bicycle bandits to barrel through at high speed.

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS ORDINANCE NO. 103-2021 (PSH) lawfully required;

(4) Yield the right of way to a pedestrian upon a sidewalk;

(5) Give timely and audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian upon a roadway or sidewalk.

My videos  show bicyclists not giving right of way to me, nor giving timely or audible signal, they are allegedly increasing their speed and bracing for impact.

According to Ohio bicycle laws, bicyclists who travel on the sidewalk, going northbound in front of 2591 Lee Road were allegedly in violation. Bicyclists Becky was allegedly on the wrong side of the road, she was traveling at a high speed going northbound traveling against the traffic.  Traveling with the traffic opposed to against traffic.

 I am allegedly being assaulted by bicyclist, most of them weigh about 50 pounds wet, trying to bully me. I’m not a lawyer but this could be considered a hate crime.

 I highly recommend that bicyclist and those who are controlling the bicyclist read the city ordinance, state laws and enjoy this video “Idiots on Bikes”.

  The bicycle bandits come from blocks over to partake in this alleged hate crime. I am forced to wear a bodycam and have personal protection to mow or come outside due to the escalated alleged hate crimes. Some of them appear to be teenagers in training. Maybe this is some rite to passage for their gang activity.

What I’ve noticed, there are plenty of onlookers from the windows and adults standing at a distant, who appear to be waiting to render aid and or give them a reason to assault me.

 Its so obvious what is happening, Popo presence is highly visible when I come outside as if they are waiting for something to jump off.

This also applies to the pedestrians, who need to pass in front of 2591 Lee Road, when I am mowing, near the sidewalk or tree line. It appears, based on hours of video footage, they run out the door, as if on cue, to walk a dog or walk through the grass clippings to make me stop mowing, so they can travel through. 

FYI: that’s how gangs act, they want you to stand at attention as they pass by.

It doesn’t matter, the day or time of day, they come out to interfere with my work.

All this hoopla  because I refuse to sale the property or vacate the property to avoid foreclosure. There is no other reason for this level of alleged hate.

 Reason the majority know  that mortgage fraud is a felony. Failure to disclose pertinent documents and information to obtain a mortgage loan is a fraud.

You didn’t lose anything  on this deal, stay in your lane.

All not EQUAL nor WELCOME!!!

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