February 22,2024 @2:24 a.m.

OHIO revised code Title 23  Expedited foreclosure

After several requests starting October 2022, the lender have not filed foreclosure . I am left with no other choice but to vacate the property due to increasing threats upon my life and subpar conditions of the property. 

OHIO revised code Title 23  Expedited foreclosure, at least three requirements have been met to expedite a foreclosure. All parties have been notified the properrt is vacant. It is unkown if the lender will file foreclosure and who will become the next owner of 

2591 Lee Road,Cleveland Heights,Ohio 44118

No contracts to sale ,lease,rent housesit or deed in lieu have been exceuted. Anyone entering are trespassing /squatting on this property. Video and photos have been taken of the property condition.

 Failure to disclose pertinent information in a mortgage transaction could be considered mortgage fraud. It is unknown what scheme will come out, with this property

Any parties interested in this propetry should contact the  lender/underwriter,Brandon Brown

American VA  Loans 

20422 Beach Blvd suite 105

 Huntington Beach CA 92648



Use extreme caution when buying real estate with additional restrictions and properties with a history of problems. In my opinion and experience surviving at 2591 Lee Road,Cleveland Heights,Ohio 44118 this property should have been  demolished years ago. It would be far more affordable to rebuild  than tack on sub par work that will be taxed for a property that cannot support one person ,claiming occupancy  of 14 occupants.



February 20,2024

House of Secrets: 9 children hidden for years in Oklahoma home found after police tip. 

Something to ponder!

February 19,2024

Cincinnati Black Residents Settle Lawsuits  Accusing Favoring of White Residents 

Listen up melinated homeowners in Cleveland Heights!

February 14,2024@11:00 a.m. 

I was contacted by a nationwide law firm representing parties I intend to sue. What happened to the Ohio Super Lawyers?  The impressive list of law firms with over 700 lawyers from around the country would intimidate  a pro se litigant. 

If it is not mortgage fraud, why cant I post my consumer statement which includes my website? Because someone has informed the credit bureaus not to post my statement.  Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act the 100 word statement is ALLOWED

February 11,2024 @9:11a.m.

Yep,that's how the cookie crumbles in Cleveland Heights,Ohio 44118.

Avoid buying real estate with  Point of Sale Inspections there are to many traps and snares  to include select enforcement, these century old homes have century old repairs that make them trap money pits . Avoid buying property in Cuyahoga County with excessive property taxes. 

Buyers Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 0 1,2024 @ 1:24 p.m. 

  New year and the bulls@@@ continued right up to the last day of 2023. To the ugly a@@ monsters, continue   your bulls@@@, you have confirmed who I am and making me  stronger every day. 

  After four years of alleged unchecked abuse, hate crimes and felonies committed against me and my property, I am strong like Samson.  

  Keep rolling your dice, thinking  I am going to continue taking your bulls@@@.  Roll on you ugly crossbred  piece of dung.  This message is to the ugly a@@ monsters, who continue to  harass me. If the shoe fit wear it.  I'm not afraid of any one of you sick a@@ perverts.  

 As far as  my van ,it is legally purchased, registered, insured

as a personal vehicle and parked legally, in my driveway, if it disturbs you, MOVE IT

 Continue to send skunks, mail carriers or trespassers  to this property around or under my van.  I want you to amp it up for the official records!

 I will park anywhere on the driveway and I will be inside of my van for extended periods of time, minding my  mucking business.  

Just like other neighbors, sit in their vehicles, in their driveway for whatever reason, at any time of the day or night.   So will I,so will I ,you mucking  creeps! 


November 5,2023 @ 1:07a.m.

If you are reading this  message   and live  in  close  proximity  of 2591 Lee Road ,know that others around the globe are   visiting this website  with or without a sign in the yard.  Stay tuned there are some important messages that will post in the near future. 

September 28,2023@ 7:28 p.m.

 Do you think you are invincible or invisible or both?

Everyone who has ever served time or is currently serving time thought they were invincible or invisible or both.

The most wicked  criminals  in America thought they were above the law. Their reign of terror to communities,  came to an end. 

 Keep on committing misdemeanors and felonies and one day you will land in the prison system or the morgue.

 This is not a threat, these are global facts. 

  Keep on following the leader and you might soon find yourselves in Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or check out for good at Cuyahoga County Morgue.

It appears that certain individuals are trying to instigate and escalate a trumped-up crime  against me. 

For this reason, I’m documenting everything they all collectively do to me. 

To everyone involved in this ring of dung, what goes around comes around, per the Bible you will reap what you sow.  

It's just a matter of time before they  make headline news, like this group of 40 criminals and other rings of criminals.

 More than 40 people arrested in 4th violent crime sweep in Cleveland

 That sweeper is coming to Cleveland Heights,Ohio 44118 and  zip codes of those who commute to this area, to partake in criminal activities.

This is the work of cold, calculated, cowards who are allegedly animal abusers and hoarders. They act, smell, look and walk like groundhogs and skunks.

 I am allegedly being stalked by a group of Caucasian neighbors, in close proximity, they are pulling round the clock shifts harassing me. 

Wakeup call, you are not invincible, nor invisible, nor both, you are all spineless, sour, sick ass situations  of individuals. 

Everything you are doing have been done before and they have either served time or currently serving time or in their final resting place. Your wickedness is next on the chopping block.

If you think people don’t know what you are doing, think again. It’s so obvious, you have not invented or reinvented the wheel. 

You are not pillars of the community; you are prowlers of society, soon to be inmates  or resting under a headstone. 

 It must be difficult leading a double life, at work they pretend to be  productive citizens,pillars of their communities  and come home to  play the mad scientist, cross and  over  breeding  animals  ,to train for  torturous  acts  and  violating these animals for personal pleasure.  

Take that mess to the circus or to Hollyweird, before it's too late. 

I have resided in the state of Washington,Nevada,Colorado  and California in predominantly Caucasian  communities,  for the past two decades. 

 I know Caucasians. 

In addition, I study four chapters of the Bible  everyday . 

I know Caucasians. 

Bring it on O-H-I-O with all your wickedness, full throttle.  You think you know me because you are running background checks, chatting it up with my former neighbors and watching me like a hawk.   

 I am Princess Ada Israel, I am SET APART!!!!!!!!!!!!

All not EQUAL nor WELCOME!!!





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