November 14,2023 

For the thousandth time this property is not for sale.  Due to the City of Cleveland Heights questionable excessive escrow from prior years  and a  required point of sale inspection (POSI) to transfer this property.  I'm not going to allow city inspectors to invade my personal space and from what I have learned the POSI was ruled by a Federal Court as  unconstitutional. 

As I drive through Cleveland Heights, I ponder,why aren't property owners protesting the POSI?  There are thousands of property owners and a handful of city counsel members to over throw this dung hill.  The People the POSI hurts the most are in fear of losing their jobs,increased property taxes and retailiation. 

The  Fair Housing Act  did not pass with people sitting in the comfort of their homes. People lost their homes ,jobs ,beaten to a bloody pulp, jailed  and in some cases lost their life. 

In my opinion, this POSI is not enforeced upon everyone, case in point  2591 Lee Road ,Cleveland Heights transfer on  February 14,2023 was different than prior transfers of the same property, under the same city ordinace.  Everybody knew and everybody knew not a dam thing was going to happened to them. 

I don't believe my case was isolated, I believe this is how property is transfered.

To those who consider purchasing let this be a reminder when you are ready to sale ,unless you have POSI POWER you may encounter an excessive escrow/repairs .  The stronghold they have on you ,if you decide not to sell your property ,the escrow  must post with the city and repairs  must be performed. 

I have sold properties before and it cost money to prepare the property for sale and the city want an escrow equal to the repairs.  That is a mucking choke hold.  That mess is wrong on all levels. 

On top of that contractors, not all of them, inflate their prices because they know you  need to pass the inspection. 

On July 15,2023 ,the assigned SUPER LAWYERS contacted me demanding payment of $252,767.28 by August 19,2023. 

I responded to them  to proceed with foreclosure ,that I will be a pro se litigant and will answer the complaint to the best of my ability.  I don't want this property and I don't owe any money.  

Apparently they want me to retain legal counsel. 

 This case is simple, they say I owe ,I say, I don't, the judge rule on the facts presented. 

 I don't give a muck what they say I signed.  What I did not signed is a REQUIRED Acknowledgement  form prior to  making an offer and signing loan dcuments. 

I'm not a lawyer , I' m looking at the order in which the transfer happened and the required steps to transfer real estate in Cleveland Heights. 

Tuth be told they don't want my ROYAL name on the foreclosure docket because it is too powerful and would generate to much attention  that would  publish on  several  websites. 

In closing,we,  the bank ,SUPER LAWYERS and I ,can't keep doing the same thing and expect a change someone  has to do something different and that burden has been laid upon me........To be continued.

ALL not  Equal nor WELCOME!!!