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 February 20,2024

Either a possum or skunk was released on the property coming from 2599 Lee Road or 2585 Lee Road  on January 03,09,26,27,28,29,February 11,12, 14 and 20 of 2024. 

I also suspect the black cat that appears to wear a camera collar that runs from 2600 Leee Road to my yard,under my trailer/van and to the rear of 2585 Lee Road.

Truth be told,they expected me to vacate, March 2020, when I awaken to a yard full of groundhogs ,roaming like cattle. The toture has been executed at precise times from wildlife to trespasser the entire time.

November 05,2023 @ 12:44a.m. 

It is my daily prayer that animal wildlife rescue  come out to this community and shut this  alleged wildlife animal breeding and hoarding down.  Keep mucking with me and all them alphabets are going to descend upon this community, like rain on mowed grass.  So said the BIBLE. 

September 20,2023  @ 9:11a.m. 

Cleveland Heights residents want city to develop pest control program,say they are fed up with groundhogs

Someone sent this story to me ,it appears to be a  Woman of Color, who is having problems with groundhogs. 

In my opinion and experience there is no ground hog problem. If you are having a groundhog problem install security cameras around the property.   Make an observation chart to see if there is a pattern  of sightings. 

What I have learned in Ohio is that people can train groundhogs, as pets and  they will use them to force unwanted neighbors from the community. 

I'm not a lawyer , to those with wildlife invasions  refer to  Cleveland Heights  animal/firearm  ordinances   and contact a lawyer for clarification because someone may be trying to set you up  by releasing wildlife.  

For this reason, is why wildlife comes onto 2591 Lee Road at certain times , roam in certain parts of the property ,neighbors windows are wide open and their  lights  are on at night and early morning when  wildlife  is on the property . 



If that's your dream home,  install a fence  and become a dog owner. 

Post the video on social media and turn a profit.  

Post the  sightings on a website where it came from ,  the date and time.

Visit You Tube to find out how to get rid of critters with ingredients in your pantry. 

Wildlife have been proven to reduce property value and force a homeowner to flee. 

 Case in point ,Jenks  purchased 2591 Lee Road in 2011 for $121,000  and later sold  for $100,000,  July 2019 during  ground hog peak season ,  in my opinion, it was partly due to the groundhog infestation that  I witness   March 2020. 

I spoke with a lawyer, who advised me that I would not prevail in court, unless I can show animals inside the property,basement, attic or garage.  Should  I ignore their advice , I  will lose the case, the defendant's lawyers will sue me for  legal and other fees, to attach a lien to my property. 

In other words, the wildlife is used to force a complaint to steal the property and when I review years of footage,  I must agree.

This lawyer went on to advise me that if  the individuals in questions have a strong motive to commit such  heinous acts , this may help sway the judge /jury in my favor. 

 Unlike those who want to live in Cleveland Heights, my time is short and the wildlife that come upon the property are used for  social media content for profit to fund  the documentary,  to show the years of torture that was brought upon me while surviving in Cleveland Heights. 



Published: Monday, September 11,2023 @ 9:11 a.m. 

Warning: For mature audiences,  adult language and situations. 


Let it be known, that the wildlife continues to be released upon my property. Allegedly by some, sick, sad, sorry, silly ass animal/wildlife hoarders, who are, in need of mental health therapy, medication and hoarders’ intervention.  


The videos are on social media raking up views.  I ceased posting about wildlife sightings on April 16,2023, because the hoarders were getting out of control with their alleged release of wildlife to my property.


 This pissed them off to the 10th power because they were loving that spotlight on my website. Every time they passed by my house after an animal release, they were flicking on their phones, to see if I made an update on my website.


When they didn’t see any updates, they started curbing their dogs on my property, sometimes several dog walkers curbed their dogs back- to- back, while looking towards the camera. This could be deemed ethnic intimidation.


This group of animal and wildlife hoarders think they are invincible because they have done wrong so long, they think it’s right to abuse and hoard animals/wildlife.


Per the City of Cleveland Heights and the State of Ohio there are ordinances and laws that limit the number of animals and protect wildlife.


This bullshit will continue until the day I vacate, because this is all these sick, sad, sorry, silly ass hoarders have to do is play with rodents. Believe it  or not, when I say this is a BUSINESS for them. Critter control is big business in Cleveland Heights. I was quoted $125-$150 per trap  to set and pick up.


Thankfully, I did not opt for critter control and invested in security cameras, to see where the animals were going and when they crossed the property. 


October 2020 to  the current day, years of video footage indicates a clear pattern of alleged releasing of wildlife on my property, after certain events occurred and continue to occur, usually after a request from so called investors.


 I’m not a lawyer,  this could be some level of extortion because it appears this threat has been going on for years, to force me to vacate 2591 Lee Road,  to allow  for another person to purchase for pennies.


 Per viewer’s comments of my videos, they believe that the skunk stinker has been surgically removed or altered. These big ass skunks are more than likely hand fed and caged, in close proximity. 


 When they are released upon my yard, they start a motion, as if they are humping while digging the ground. Per viewers, that aggressive movement is the skunk, who has gone mad because they have no natural stinker defense.  A farmer claimed, they have sterilized, the skunk, to have it as a pet, similar to giving a man a vasectomy.


Coincidentally, there are a high number of days, that the skunk is on my yard and the same dog walker, just so happens, to be in the vicinity, passing by late at night, to witness the skunk humping like crazy. 


The dog walker nor the dog are in a hurry because there is no skunk spray being emitted. Per viewers, if a skunk sprays, you will smell it for weeks or until a hard rain comes. 


The skunks are the night security guards to monitor my movement at night and to put fear in others walking, biking and jogging in the community. Pedestrians have decreased over the years on this block.  


Moving right along, per viewer's comments from Ohio and across the country they claimed , that the groundhogs were much larger than most. It appears the groundhogs are being sexually penetrated by humans, based on their obedience ,extended time they stand on their two legs, oversized bottom and spread (width)  of their hips. 

Per viewer's comments , groundhogs are one of many animals , associated with those into  beastiality  pornography.


It was brought to my attention that groundhogs in the state of Ohio are hunted year-round except the week of deer hunting and in some areas raised  on farms for food. 



Vicious raccoons, the release of  'seven raccoons,’ video was posted and many viewers commented  if they were on some type of illegal drugs or laboratory  testing. 

Raccoons  were running at a high speed, jumping over and walking on top of the fences, then suddenly disappeared. Illegal drugs are often given to animals to test the  effects.


In my opinion, this was a scare tactic, as it coincided with  so called investors and the lender ,not getting  their way.  



Finally, there is the pet possum that walks the same route , every time to cross the property at a precise time. 



Also note, none of the wildlife touched a trash can full of food scraps. Reason, they were sent to terrorize, torture ,teach me a lesson and they were fed .


The timing of their sightings, on the property ,occurs to create a racially charged reaction. This is the bullshit they did in the 60's, back then they bred German Shepherd dogs.


I recall growing up near Caucasian families, all of them owned, bred and sold German Shepherd dogs. They controlled an entire block with their vicious dogs, we were forced to walk or drive eight blocks out of the way to avoid that street. If anyone tried, they would wait until the victim was midway the block, come outside day or night and release dogs from every direction.


If we had school functions, they would drive by and release dogs into the crowd, to disrupt our enjoyment. This intentional wildlife release reminds me of the good old days of German Shepherd dogs. Believe it or not, this was entertainment for them and it was approved by the police department and mayor.


Now as a mature retired woman, I have been and continue to be allegedly tortured by wildlife, since the questionable transfer of this property on February 14,2020. 

I am unable to move freely about my property due to the release of potentially dangerous trained wildlife by some sick, sad, sorry, silly ass hoarders. I'm not a lawyer but this could be some level of kidnapping


The animals are allegedly removed from their natural habitat for the purpose of breeding, training and  allegedly used for torture, harassment and nuisance against another human being/property for the hoarder’s personal enjoyment. 


In addition, the properties across the street, rarely have a rodent and if they do,  it ran across the street from my property. 


In my opinion, there is no wildlife problem, there is a network of animal hoarding, in close proximity. Their goal is to control the block, force me out and continue, happily hoarding animals.  


This is mental illness on steroids, because they have an audience of supporters, coddling this behavior, this bullshit will go on and on. Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s another Person of Color, tortured for their property. 


The sliver of land along  the side of the driveway, that I claimed and cleared down to dirt, after the survey on March 30,2020, has become the official wildlife trail and training grounds. 

Wildlife is strategically directed to sit, stand, run up and down this sliver of land, as if under control by humans. Even if I spray weed kill  on  the sliver of land, the wildlife will not be deterred.  


This will be the final  posting of wildlife sighting which shows the sick minded bullshit that goes on. 


 On September 09,2023 @10:20 p.m., a dog walker on their nightly stroll, was seen headed southbound on Lee Road and a bicyclist going northbound. 


Around the same time, the big ass skunk was seen coming from the front yard of 2585 Lee Road, the skunk ran back and forth, as if under command. Humped the ground aggressively, then traveled across my front steps to 2599 Lee Road.


This bullshit went on all night , one lone, big ass skunk ran around my decorations back and forth to the side properties. The skunk’s torture was over, on the dawn of September 10,2023. 

Between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. one lone, big ass groundhog sat and stood on the property line, ran back and forth across my driveway, paced up and down the sliver of my property, ran in and out from under 2585 Lee Road porch and bushes near the driveway until the evening of September 10,2023.


After the groundhog went off torture duty, my side motion light over the driveway was triggered for two  hours.

After no response from me to  look out the windows, around 9:39 p.m. the big ass skunk came from the front of 2585 Lee Road front yard to my driveway and turned around ,as if under command. 


This was the warning call, that the skunk will be back. Coincidently, a bicyclist was seen traveling northbound on Lee Road prior to the skunk’s appearance.


Around 10:27 p.m. one lone, big ass skunk, came from the rear of 2585 Lee Road yard, crossed my driveway to cross through my decorations, to travel  to 2599 Lee Road back yard. 


Around 10:35 p.m. a walker, without a dog, headed northbound wearing a hooded sweater, passed by in front of the property, to make claim they sent the skunk.


Almost an hour later, around 11:30 p.m.  a dog walker ,wearing a similar  hooded sweater, passed by ,made a few pauses in front of the property headed southbound. 


 I  opened the front window  and  cleaned the camera lens at 11:32 p.m., waiting on the skunk’s appearance.


Minutes later, around 11:34 p.m. the big ass skunk came from the back yard of 2599 Lee Road. 


Coincidently, the  same ,hooded dog walker, passed by the property around 11:35 p.m. headed northbound, while the big ass skunk humped, dug up the yard and ran around my decorations.  


After digging up my yard, around 11:41 p.m. the lone, big ass skunk ran through the bushes, on the property line to the front yard of 2599 Lee Road, as if it was called. 


This 24 -hour period shows the torture I have endured over the years.


By the time, I remove my decorations there will be more wildlife running about the yard for personal enjoyment and to allegedly commit hate crimes against me.


The reason why the increase presence of skunks and groundhogs will appear during this time of the year is to deter me from inviting guests to celebrate and camp in the backyard for the Feast of Tabernacles, whereby, Hebrews camp  and feast outside.


 I’m not a lawyer, this and similar collective acts over the years could be a violation of my Constitutional rights ,to exercise my  freedom of religion, right to assemble peacefully, freedom of speech and press.


In fact, they know all my “holy days”, they are published on the Internet and coincidently wildlife and trespassers  have appeared over the years , on the property on my holy /feast day and almost every Sabbath. I’m not a lawyer but this could be deemed a hate crime.


Everyone on this block can celebrate or not celebrate their holidays, in peace, with the exception, I must be tortured by a network of sick, sad, sorry, silly ass hoarders.  


For the record, on August 18,2023, someone allegedly forced and broke the side wood gate latch, propped the gate wide open with the metal stake, on the side of 2599 Lee Road, in broad daylight.  Video from that day do not show any high winds.


A new gate latch, chain with lock and cameras have been installed to monitor the increased traffic area, since May 2023, after the family of Color, sold the property and moved away.  In my opinion, alleged ethnic intimidation spiked , after they moved away.


 Apparently, the hoarders forgot that I resided in the state of Colorado for over a decade with 99% Caucasians in population, for the entire  state of Colorado and fought alleged housing discrimination with signage and cameras.


Due to the growing, brazen, constant threats against the property and myself, by what I believe to be a network of hoarders and their supporters, I have increased my home security exponentially. 


Unknown persons  are running around the property line, at night, setting off my security lights on or near the fence, and releasing wildlife.


 I’m constantly removing long branches wedged between the fence pickets along the side of 2599 Lee Road and the rear fence of 2592 Dartmoor Road, that appears to be a vacant property, near the motion lights.

The Kraft bags I place on the curb are mostly branches removed from the fence pickets. It never fails that the dog walker, who is seen when the skunk is out, pass by to inspect the contents of the bag and for unknown reasons allow their dog to sniff a bag of branches,

In addition, the same dog walker, every single time I have place my garbage out allows their dog to sniff my garbage can, there are others but this particular one never misses my trash day.  


In the month of April 2023, I placed my garbage can out on the curb after 10:00 p.m., by the time, I came inside the house, the dog walker was walking towards my garbage can and allowed their dog to sniff my garbage can. 

I have never seen this dog walker in question, sniff the garbage cans across the street that are in my camera view. 

I can wait until 7:00 a.m.  in the morning, to  place  the  garbage can out on the curb,  within minutes this  dog walker,  in question, will come by  for  their dog to sniff. 

 I'm not a lawyer but this could be similar to stalking.  



Based on video footage there are only a few people walking and biking around this community late night and early mornings.  


Their sightings in front of the property, on the sidewalks, correlate to wildlife released on my property and security lights flashing, in the rear and side of the property. 


 They often make some exaggerated movements or pause briefly in front of the property, to let me know they are the responsible party for the wildlife and security lights.


On occasions, vehicles aggressively pull into my driveway, with blinding headlights, at night, to start the release of wildlife and security lights bullshit.


 Everything they do collectively is for a reason, the night activity is specifically for sleep deprivation and heighten fear factor, this is a tried-and-true military maneuver, to wear down the enemy.


Each and every act is to distract me from working on the foreclosure and alleged mortgage fraud cases, ultimately force me to move, to allow squatters to move in and purchase the property from the bank without bringing the matter to court.


Ohio Section 2901.09 | No duty to retreat in residence or vehicle went into law April 06,2021.


Same shit, different day. Keep doing what you are doing BULLY, BULLY!


This is the final posting for wildlife, to inform the public, this shit is still going on by an alleged network of sick, sad, sorry, silly ass hoarders and supporters. 

To the network  of animal/wildlfe hoarders and your supporters. I'm begging you to ramp up your bullshit to the maximum.  I need more  rachet content to post to social media.  I'm turning your bullshit into high grade ,top shelf,  garden manure. 



Matthew 18:6


All not Equal nor Welcome!



All rights reserved  2020 and beyond.