September 21,2023 @ 3:40 p.m. 

Super Lawyers

I was informed today that my foreclosure case is in the hands of SUPER LAWYERS. In my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of battling AV rated lawyers, never a SUPER LAWYER. 

I am a pro se litigant and the bank  need SUPER LAWYERS to bring this foreclosure to court. 

A non-rated lawyer could take on this case, I signed for a loan, I have not paid in excess of 24 months. I have no intention of paying, case close, Judge rule in the bank favor. 

All foreclosure filings in Cuyahoga Foreclosure Court for 2591 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights 44118 will post on this page.  

I want to make sure the public have access to my case 24/7 because sometimes the court's  website  may be down for maintenance  for unspecifed times. 


All not EQUAL nor WELCOME!!!