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November 30.2023 @ 9:11 a.m.

In this day and age responsible parents are very selective on who their children visit for hell-o-ween. Based on the former three years this hell-o-ween had the least amount of trick or treaters this could have been due to the Maine shooting days prior followed by other shootings around the country.

None the less, on October 31,2023, three children were sent to my house for hell-o-ween.  They were seen prior at 2600 Lee Road with what appeared to be two adults. The children ran across the street from 2600 Lee Road across my front yard, they could have been injured by the metal sign stake that was in the ground or tripped on the many holes that wildlife have dug up.

Two people stayed on the sidewalk one was recording the children. The children were acting as if they won the Ohio state lottery.  One of the three children sat on the steps as if he conquered Spain, one kept his hand in a bag as if a weapon was concealed and the girl kept pressing her face to the glass door and finally licked my glass door.

In my opinion, the children were directed to trample on and walk on the grass to try and provoke me to bring fire upon the children for a hell-o-ween sacrifice.   

Base on the video that will be released this was a wicked ass scheme to sacrifice children, to gain national attention, national sympathy, national publicity, national donations and ultimately murder me.

In my educated opinion, the parents were trying to provoke me to bring fire upon the children, so they could have a justified reason for returning fire upon me. In addition, I believe others were lying in wait, in close proximity, based on my surveillance cameras.

Understand that tragedy brings prosperity, somebody was looking for a mega payout. People are working overtime to provoke me to bring fire upon trespassers so they can move into this property and reap mega profits.

In my opinion, someone need to notify Child Protective Services (CPS) as the three children’s lives were intentionally placed in harms way.

Questions to ponder:

Why didn’t the children go to 2592 Lee Road who participates in hell-o-ween?

Why didn’t the adults stop the children when they broke out into a full sprint towards my yard?

Why would parents allow their children to beg for treats from a stranger and someone who does not partake in hell-o-ween?

Possible Answer They wanted to sacrifice three children, to take down one Hebrew Woman of Color, on a national level. Understand that to gain national attention it must be four or more victims. They wanted to make future hell-o-weens to be a Memorial Day for future generations and become a bogus hometown hero basking in praise from the community.  

Just as Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson will always remember February 14,2020 closing date.  They moved my closing date from February 20,2020 to February 14,2020 so they could have a reason to celebrate their alleged mortgage fraud year after year. 

Followed by the Property Tax Appeals Board sending me the denial on February 14,2023 for my 2022 tax appea,l who are harvesting the fruits of this alleged mortgage fraud year after year.

All this hoopla on this block has one common denominator, to force a single Hebrew Woman of Color off the block via daily harassments, blatant hate crimes and rob her blind. If possible, they are bucking for national attention by orchestrating a tragedy to gain prosperity.

I am a trophy of some sort that’s why they stalk me like an animal and watch my every move. Apparently, they are getting a sexual arousal when they send trespassers and wildlife to my property. Everything done in darkness come to the light eventually.

All not Equal nor Welcome!!!