September 18,2023@10:14 a.m.

Warning:  Adult language and situations.  

These are my allegations and opinions:

If any licensed REALTOR contacts me to buy this property, they are representing the alleged network of hoarders (ANOH) or someone with POSI power. I question everything about this solicitation.

1.  The card was from a realtor in Cleveland Heights.

2.  There was no postage date stamped on the envelope, I guess they had the post office slide it in my box.

3.  A remodel property, 2592 Dartmoor Road is vacant and was removed off the market March 21,2023. Has this realtor contacted this owner for their family relocating? This property is move in ready, a brick home, recently remodeled with a new garage was listed for $439,733.

4.  Why would a professional realtor want to place a family in a dilapidated property?

5.   I will assume the solicitation came after 09-11-2023 when I updated the wildlife page on my website.

6.  I question the sale of 2599 Lee Road, there is no way a buyer would purchase a property for $320,000, with estimated property taxes in excess of $12,000 a year, in close proximity of alleged wildlife hoarding/releasing and alleged hate crimes, unless they wanted or are part of ANOH or they have a strong desire to be a part of community bullshit.

7.  There were NO investors for the sale of 2627 Lee Road, a foreclosed property, that was publicized in the newspaper and Cuyahoga County public auction on February 06,2023 at 9:00 a.m. ,  with an appraised value and starting bid of $160,000.

 FYI, 2637 Lee Road sold   for $337,000, January 10,2023.

 Not a single bid for $160,000, the property was sent back to the bank and the former owners reaped a refund of $14,489.81 on June 21,2023. 

I would think a professional, ethical realtor would contact U.S. Bank to purchase 2627 Lee Road for $160,000 and the buyer hire a contractor to remodel for another $150,000. 

Also note, the bank filed foreclosure on July 14,2021, apparently this Caucasian family was allowed to enjoy their property without interference from investors, realtors, trespassers and excessive wildlife.

This property is three doors down from me and received no interest from buyers and the property next door, potential buyers ran in and out like it was grand central station for 2599 Lee Road ,formerly owned by a family of Color, that sold for $320,000, on May 04, 2023.  Go figure.  

8.  I question any buyers who want to buy a property that has alleged controlled wildlife such as skunks, groundhogs, raccoons and possums unless, they are animal hoarders looking for like minded individuals. Birds of a feather flock together.  


I expect solicitations, from so-called property flippers because they have NO ethical standards which they have pledged to honor as a REALTOR.

To the so-called investors and realtors, 2591 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio  44118 is not for sale, lease nor interested in any creative assumption of the deed.


In addition, you will not receive free advertisement from my websites, the only realtors who are named were the realtors involved in the transaction in 2020.

This property is an alleged mortgage fraud, while the bank claimed there is no mortgage fraud, why haven’t they filed for foreclosure? 

As of September 18,2023, no payments have been made on this loan, in the last 24 months. Reason: They can’t or won’t bring this bullshit to Cuyahoga County Courts for public record.


Oddly, the bank for 2627 Lee Road, filed foreclosure after default occurred on November 2020. Approximately eight months they were filed upon, as most foreclosures that I have read on Cuyahoga County foreclosure dockets, the bank have filed seven to ten months after default.


Keep in mind this was a  Caucasian family-owned home, since 1985, who had legal representation and the option to choose the pandemic deferment for up to a year. The pandemic deferment was offered to all homeowners across the United States.


November 2020, the homeowners qualified for the deferment and opted to allow   foreclosure to run its course. I’m almost certain they were not harassed by wildlife, trespassers, investors or realtors.


Understand that a professional realtor monitors foreclosures, in their area, to offer their service, in case the homeowner wants to do a short sale.  


If for some reason the link does not work above visit Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Docket, select foreclosure and enter in parcel number 687-20-006.

This is public information. While you are on the website select Cleveland Heights and randomly choose a foreclosure that is not a tax lien. 

You should notice those with lawyers last longer on the docket than those representing themselves, they usually last about six months before the bank  auction the property. None of the pro se litigants have a website such as the ones I have compiled.

In my opinion, the only persons interested in 2591 Lee Road are the head clucks of the ANOH.


 FYI through process of elimination, I have narrowed the list down of potential buyers to a few possible buyers that would have the most interest in 2591 Lee Road. They are, in my opinion, the main perpetrators trying to force me out of the property and ensure I get no rest or enjoyment with this “free mortgage”.   

I believe the next owner will be a representative of ANOH because the head clucks are straight up cowards, that’s why they hide behind animals and strangers to do their dirty deeds.


Zillow is tripping again 2599 Lee Road value  has dropped over 30 days by more than  $3,000 , 2637 Lee Road value has dropped by over $8000, while 2591 Lee Road is up by over $10,000 in value  on September 17,2023 see photos below. 

While checking the links ,prior to posting on September  18,2023  the  values changed  to  show

2599 Lee Road  dropped $6,107 

2637 Lee Road  dropped $9227

2591 Lee Road dropped  to a negative $1007

What a coincidence all ending in the number seven. 

Also note today is the tax hearing  with the BOR for 2591 Lee Road. 

For this and many other reasons is why I don’t believe Zillow accuracy in home pricing. Per Zillow, their prices come from local realtors. 

In my opinion, it was the interaction or suggestion of a realtor to remove my for sale by owner listing from July 2020  to February 2021, to make the property appear to be a solid sale. 

I’m not a lawyer but this could be tampering with evidence to show that I never placed the property on the market months after it transferred.


FYI: Zillow placed 2591 Lee Road on the market via Zillow for sale by owner listing and refuse to repost my listing. This is also giving false information about the property sales.


 In addition, I cannot contact them unless it’s through a lawyer. Why would a company do something like this unless they were partaking in some questionable action? Also note, one of Zillow’s branch offices is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It doesn’t take a lawyer to mesh this bullshit together. Never before have I known of family members or my own listings via Zillow to be deleted.



This will be more than likely my last real estate transaction; it appears the collectives are trying to remove my name associated with this property.

 It is my daily prayer that those who read my websites purchase in a non-POSI community because this is NOT how you purchase real estate with added, questionable and selective enforcement of the POSI ordinance.

 I was allegedly robbed blind because a POSI document, bell ringing, excessive repairs and wildlife infestation were not disclosed.  


 PEOPLE don’t take this POSI lightly it can jack your whole life up.  I have nothing but remnants of my life forced into some sophisticated new age prison system maintaining a property I will never own, for a Caucasian family to come and reap my equity . I had a rude awakening that this maybe business as usual in Cleveland  Heights,Ohio. 

I should easily have saved $31,000 by now but that is impossible due to security, camping and survival gear I need in this hellhole of a house. Merchants are clapping when they see me drop hundreds sometimes thousands in their coffers.   


You get mucked over at the closing table, afterwards investors and realtors pretend to come to your rescue to save your credit,sell your property and  ultimatley  give them the property for pennies. This is some sick ass shit and they do it with ease and do not care that they are creating financial ruins in your future and they do it with a mucking smile.


Kindly leave me alone with your services to transfer 2591 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118.

My next destination is Homeless, USA 00000, while this is not the best of situations it is the quarter of a million dollars that I signed my name to ,as a place of residence. I will be here fighting this bullshit until my name is removed via a court order.  If you want to help, call the bank, tell them to file the foreclosure. The property will enter the auction block in about six months.



All not EQUAL nor WELCOME!!!






 All Rights Reserved 2020 and beyond.