November 5,2023 @ 3:20 a.m. 

The websites below were all generated from the questionable purchase,of 2591 Lee Road ,Cleveland Heights,Ohio,44118, Cuyahoga County,  that are but not limited to, unjust point of sale , excessive repairs ,unjust taxes,excessive  church bells and  releasing of wildlife from animal hoarders in close proximity, to force a move.   Because I will not sell the property, to so called investors ,when in fact ,they are participants  of the network of animal hoarders.

 In the distant future , this block will soon be home to an infestation  of trained  groundhogs,  skunks,possoms and raccoons. The deer, bird,squirrel and rabbit populations  are  slowly fading away.  

They love having an audience watch them control and show case these lab grown  animals  that are  trained to destroy yardsm,instow fear,cotrol outside activties at night and possibly prompt a homeowner to call critter control. 

 My property in Washington State,the  backyard was the National forest and the only skunks I seen were roadkill. 

People wake up, this is not how the rest of the world live with  rodents  roaming around  their property daily . 

I have owned 12 properties acoss the United States and NONE of them had a rodent /wildife infestation. 

 Partly to blame is the City of Cleveland Heights for not allowing residents to shoot these  filthy rodents.

 If the state of Ohio  code  allows residents  to hunt /kill groundhogs and nusiance wildlife, why  will  the city will  not allow  residents to protect their property. Answer.  MONEY.  

Critter control is big business, if they can't force you out with high ass taxes they will release  critters on your properties.   Because they know you will not be able to get a search warrant ,eventually you will say muck this maddness and move, and sell your property for half the value.  This is a tried and true trick used by shady investors.  

Noone seems to give a darn, as long as they roam from 2599 Lee Road crossing 2591 Lee Road to go under the  porch of 2585 Lee Road to include  coming from the rear from 2592 Dartmoor.  Security cameras have captured all this madness, it's a darn shame. 

Welcome to Hoarders Road formerly known as Lee Road.

PEOPLE this is not how people live across the UNTED STATES, whereby ,rodents are  out of control or under control of other humans. 

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