DISPUTE  BOR  09-06-2023

September 20,2023 @ 8:10 a.m.

This is a crying shame that the weekly calendar is not filled with residents. I have  monitored the weekly calendar, only to see more businesses  than residents dispute their property taxes, 

Cuyahoga County BOR Weekly hearing.

Calendar Hearing 091823 


September 18,2023 @ 6:47 p.m.

Today at 2:33 p.m. Cuyahoga County BOR left a voicemail  for me to join  the meeting.  It was stated in my dispute letter below I would not attend.

Documents submitted were copies from www.2591leeroad.com with the exception of Jenks apprasail  a public document on the BOR website. 

The BOR complaint included  15 pages  PDF with 31  PDF attachments


September 06,2023(submitted seven business days before hearing via email)


Greetings Cuyahoga County Board of Review (BOR),


My name is Princess Ada Israel, this is the third request to reduce unjust property taxes for 2591 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118. I will not attend the BOR hearing via phone, Zoom or in person. This document contains my allegations, in the event it is not stated prior to an act.


A copy of this letter will post to my website, www.posohio.org, to ensure no future buyers will fall victim to questionable transactions for this dilapidated property, without full disclosure.


As of September 2023, I am 24 months delinquent on the “mortgage” the bank has chosen based on their actions not to send the matter to foreclosure or delay it until I vacate the property. Since early 2020, the bank was made aware this is an alleged mortgage fraud property.


 It is my opinion, based on the collective events and unorthodox tactics over the years that the objective is to force me out of the property, to allow an investor to make an offer to the bank to avoid going to foreclosure court. The other objective is to run the clock down on all the alleged crimes committed upon me.


This property was taxed the highest, after Princess Ada Israel, a single, Hebrew, Woman of Color, was allegedly duped by the sellers on February 14,2020 for what would have been her retirement home.


 Tax years for 2021 and 2022, are the highest in the history of the years for 2591 Lee Road, since 1996, according to Cuyahoga property tax records, the second highest value is $177,300 from 2006 to 2008, a few years prior to Gertrude Hansen’s death in the month of October 2008.


 The property started to drop in value the next tax year to $166,700 in 2009, years later, the property value remained under $125,000 and the last three consecutive years for $100,000.   



Everyone in Cuyahoga County, affiliated with this property, who knows of this property, know the poor condition, subpar rehab made in 2019, lack of maintenance over the years, the stench, the loud church bells ringing, infestation of groundhogs and other wildlife.  



Former owners Shaun and Debbie Jenks (Jenks), Caucasians, (2011-2019), executed a buyer/ purchase agreement on March 14, 2019, after the Point-of-Sale Inspection (POSI) returned with over $43,000 in repairs the deal fell apart.


 A reminder Jenks purchased the property February 23,2011 for $121,000, when the groundhogs were hibernating. I too “purchased”, February 14,2020, when the groundhogs were hibernating.


 Unlike Jenks, they were aware of the POSI, I on the other hand never heard of such a housing scheme. I was the perfect candidate, never lived in Ohio, pre-approved for $250K VA Loan, never heard of a POSI or how it worked when transferring property.


My downfall was I trusted a realtor of Color with over 14 years’ experience, Tanesha Speed, Keller William Realty, Pepper Pike, to find me the perfect retirement home and she allegedly robbed me blind of my life savings and retirement home by making suggestions that Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights and University Heights were places I should consider.


Unbeknownst to me, they are among the highest property taxes in the County and attached with additional questionable restrictions that give the city control over selling or renting real estate.


This property has a questionable history of the POSI, which impacts the property value.


  Alfred and Gertrude Hansen (Hansen), Caucasians, former owners, both deceased, (1975 to 2011), property was sold to Jenks, their POSI was $950 for escrow repairs on July 09, 2009.


Fourteen months later, Jenks POSI leaped to $8,550, which they fought and won on appeal to reduce to $3,375. Permit record (see attached) claimed he built a brand-new garage August 08,2011 and made other improvements on the property to correct the POSI.


Jenks, for whatever reason, decided to sell the property for $121,000 around March 2019 for the exact amount he paid in 2011.


One reason is that the property value increased to $240,000 previous years taxes were for Jenks 2011 ($4,297), 2012 ($4,145), 2013 ($4,503),2014 ($4,694),2015 ($4.699), 2016 ($4,699), 2017($4,962),2018 ($9,286),2019 ($3,890).


It appears that Jenks disputed their 2018 taxes, the property value increased to $240,000 which more than doubled prior years taxes. Jenks submitted an appraisal that was performed January 2018 for a value of $170,000.


Their BOR hearing was August 02,2019, Jenks sold the property to Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson, a Caucasian married couple realtor/house flippers on July 31,2020 for $100,000 to ensure the property value of the appraisal of $170,000, would not be the new tax value. The sale of the property registered with the county days before the hearing.


 BOR reduced the value to $100,000 for the recent sale.


The appraisal was off by $70,000, which would cause reason to believe that my 2020 appraisal for $260,000 was also inflated to close a loan. The appraisal was allegedly inflated because it was too close to groundhog season and the infestation would have dropped the price drastically if it would have stayed on the market for the spring and summer of 2020.   


No prospective buyer, holding a copy of the 2019 POSI and permits, would have made an offer of no more than $100,000-$150,000, in addition this buyer would need to possess a strong desire for groundhogs and church bells.


Homeowners all over Cuyahoga County dispute their taxes regardless of how much they paid for the property, if the value is too high due to excessive repairs needed or if no improvements are made are valid reasons to dispute the value without having to purchase an appraisal.


If I was speaking untruths about the excessive repairs, bell ringing and rodent infestation, the sellers Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson, the city of Cleveland Heights, inspectors, appraiser, lender, realtors and title company would have by now file a defamation of character lawsuit upon me to remove my websites and placed a lien on the property, by now, for damages of their professional reputation.    


 To date, not one entity or individual have filed a lawsuit against me for defamation of character, in fact, Detailed Home Inspections refunded my $625 inspection fee on March 17,2020.


My websites have been in existence since July 2020 discussing in great details and naming all the players about the excessive repairs, rodents, bell ringing and alleged mortgage fraud.


A realtor style yard sign is staked in the front yard with the website. I am the only one on the block who must comply with the 20-feet setback signage ordinance. Neighbors and the church can place their signs as close to the sidewalk for maximum visibility.


No person would go to great lengths if the excessive repairs, rodents, bell ringing, value of the property and alleged mortgage fraud was not valid and truthful information.


Because I am claiming alleged mortgage fraud, with several supporting websites with yard signage, on social media, choose not to sale to an investor and opt for foreclosure, I am being made an example of, with allegedly on going extreme collective harassments from people of Ohio who support alleged wrong doers.


 Cuyahoga County and City of Cleveland Heights are allegedly enjoying the fruits (taxes and my financial contribution to merchants for my survival) of an alleged crime(s).


This property would not have sold for $232,500, if the POSI was disclosed to me in California, November 2019, shortly after it was listed for sale.


The Sellers Jenna Johnson, realtor with Realty Trust, LLC, both Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson, are owners of JJ Real Estate Solutions, LLC, a house flipping business, a married Caucasian couple, allegedly conspired with:


  Tanesha Speed was not to disclose the 2019 POSI, who profited thousands on commissions. The client realtor contract, purchase agreement paperwork was all executed via dot loop and earnest money wired across state lines while I was traveling to Ohio, in the state of Arizona.

Per the city of Cleveland Heights property transfer ordinance, all prospective buyers are to sign the acknowledgement form PRIOR to entering a purchase agreement.  This realtor allegedly withheld the POSI from me, other clients she showed them their POSI 30 days before closing. The laundry list of repairs would have aborted the deal in California and in Arizona. I would not have purchased any property in a city or community with strongholds tied to my retirement home.  


Detailed Home Inspections, inspectors were not to disclose the excessive and costly repairs or discuss the POSI. They claimed the electrical box was good and the city checked off it was good; in reality it was overloaded. They claimed they couldn’t do a sewer cam inspection because there was no access.

I hired a plumber and have a video copy of the sewer cam inspection showing the sanitary line shifting due to the large evergreen that was a few feet from the foundation that buckled the sidewalk. This is the reason for slow drainage and overflowing backed up toilets, tubs and sinks. I was quoted $15,000 to replace the sanitary line. 

This company was chosen based on their advertisement that they specialize in century old homes. They allegedly concealed major defects in this property to close this loan.


Brian Schreiber, VA loan appraiser, was to increase the value, to show almost $30K in equity. He did not find any repairs needed, this helped expedite the closing. Per his appraisal, he utilized all available resources to determine the value of 2591 Lee Road was $260,000, apparently, he did not have a copy of the POSI.

I have purchased two other properties via VA loans they have a higher standard to close a loan.

In his photos, he omitted the section in the backyard behind the garage with the huge pile of tree debris, the front yard sidewalk was buckling creating a trip hazard from the tree that damaged the sanitary line and the staircase from the kitchen to the second floor with the missing handrail would have flagged the property by VA standards to have corrected before the loan would have been approved. This is just a few examples.


Brandon Brown, broker/lender did not request my signature on the required Acknowledgment form to transfer property, while in underwriting. Jeremiah Johnson asked me for his email address prior to closing.


Lori O’Hara, Fidelity National Title, Sheffield would not include the Acknowledgement form and POSI in the closing packet. I filed a claim, Fidelity denied the claim stating it was the seller’s responsibility to give me a copy of the POSI, sign the acknowledgement form and return for the closing packet. In addition, there is no clearance letter on file from the City of Cleveland Heights to transfer the property.

 I contacted several Title companies and inquired what I needed to transfer a property. All of them stated the same, a POSI, signed Acknowledgement form from the Buyer and a RELEASE letter from the city of Cleveland Heights.

The current County property transfer has a loophole, that was used to transfer this property in February 2020, the County do not require a signed POSI to transfer property. If I tried to or succeeded in transferring this property I would be jailed and fined in accordance to the city ordinance.


The city of Cleveland Heights allegedly turned a blind eye and allowed the statute of limitations to expire. In addition, the city of Cleveland Heights refused to offer me a waiver for the POSI, in 2020, when I tried to sell the property.


The Sellers Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson collectively dumped this property on me because I had no clue as to how much repair work was needed, they allegedly withheld that information and I paid more than what the property was worth.


The Sellers, Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson, knew I would not be able to retain a lawyer because no lawyer will take the case due to a conflict of interest, buyers who fall prey to this scheme will accept the loss or sell the property to an investor. Per several lawyers, I contacted in 2020, during the pandemic, advised me to sell to an investor to avoid the hassles with the POSI and move on, this case is complex and I will not win.


The Sellers, Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson knew the city of Cleveland Heights would not enforce the city ordinance because they were bringing in REVENUE for the city, county, contractors and local merchants.  It’s business as usual.



 I am an alleged victim of mortgage fraud. I relocated from the state of California. Per Investopedia, Illegal property flipping occurs when property is purchased and resold quickly at an artificially inflated price, using a fraudulently inflated appraisal. This describes my situation best.


The Sellers Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson made the most profit in the shortest amount of time, less than eight months they turned a rodent infested $100K dump into an appraised $260K property with $48K in permit work, glossy photos and a loyal real estate network to help them close the deal.   


 Pertinent documents -Acknowledgement form was not executed prior to making an offer and the 2019 Point of Sale Inspection not disclosed prior to making and offer. 

I was handed a copy of the POSI on February 25,2020 by Patricia Rainge, point of sale Escrow for the city of Cleveland Heights, she gave me her business card, who informed me that the Title company had not sent over my paperwork, she informed me to sign and email it back to her.

 She knew I had never seen or signed this document based on the way I was looking at the papers in the office. She also knew the city had not sent a release letter to the Title company to transfer the property.


This was after a contractor requested to see the amount of work needed and I showed him the yellow slips of paper in the kitchen drawer, the contractor quickly suggested that I hire a lawyer and go to city hall for a copy of the POSI because it’s a requirement.


 Condition of property- the inspectors allegedly failed to point out major problems and the appraisal was allegedly inflated to close the deal for the Sellers, Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson.


Below is the permitted work performed See Attached


Permitted work totaled $48,071.33 All of the work below was installed by contractors.

Kitchen remodel -$30,000-within weeks of moving in, the kitchen started falling apart. Mixed matched appliances dishwasher, stove broken, kitchen sink with a commercial garbage disposal fell through due to subpar install. Cabinets falling apart, flooring peeling up. 


New windows-$7,871.33 -most if not all have leaks, were installed improperly.


A/C and heating duct work-$7,500 upstairs appears not to have ductwork installed AC and heat do not work. I use a window unit, floor fans and portable heaters to heat a few rooms upstairs. AC was installed improperly per a certified HVAC it is broken. 

Downstairs AC ductwork was improperly installed some vents are ice cold or very hot. I do not use the heater downstairs because the gas bill more than triples when turned on. I spot heat and cool a few rooms in the property it is not in full use.  


Electrical panel- $1500- panel was replaced immediately after purchase because it was overloaded. This resolved a small portion of the electrical issues, there is old wiring in the living room, dining room and hallway. Per a certified electrician the property needs rewiring.


Plumbing -$1200-new tubs, sinks and toilets that are unseeable. Sanitary line need replacing quoted $15,000, toilets back up, slow drains water stains on the ceiling and in the basement suggest damaged pipes.


How can an appraisal justify $48,000 of subpar permitted work increased the property value to $260,000?


 Industrial noise -church bells ringing on the hour, every fifteen minutes and on occasions play songs for 30 minutes between the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 9:00p.m. there were no bells present during the weeks prior to closing. I drove by, parked on side streets and was at the property for hours for the inspection with the doors open as four people were running in and around the property.  

If I would have heard bells ringing on the hour and every fifteen minutes, I would have immediately aborted the deal. Excessive loud noises impact property value. Per the First Amendment, churches cannot be silenced for the expression of their religion.


Hence, the zoning should be changed to industrial/residential zoning and all potential residents made aware of the noise impact it may have on their daily activities.


Again, I would not have paid $232,500 for a property to have my peace and enjoyment violated daily by church bells. This is a mega church, why didn’t anyone affiliated with the church buy the property? Church bells did not ring unto after the property transferred upon picking up the key from under the flower pot on the back porch. 


 Infestation of groundhogs, were not disclosed or discovered until March 2020 when they came out of hibernation. This hoard of groundhogs was present when Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson purchased the property in the summer of 2019.

The property front and back yard was covered with groundhogs.

It has cost me thousands of dollars removing the groundhog hoard and cleaning the yard, only to discover, via my survelliance video, there is a high possibility of animal hoarders, in close proximity. When an animal hoarder’s mental illness becomes a nuisance to neighbors, it impacts the value of properties in the community.




The following information is an excerpt from my website www.pointofsaleinspection.org content was transferred from posohio.

That shows informal tax reductions that were granted without an appraisal or supporting documents or a hearing. Only one other property value was increased and the possible reason they were applying for a home improvement loan.






March 1,2023


The BOR Appeal Board wrote all that legal jargon, to justify why they increased my taxes, on appeal. Prior to the appeal my market value was $216,700, after the appeal it was increased to $232,500 justified by antiquated case laws and giving the attorney representing the county a win.


Tax records for this property show that former owners, who just so happen to be Caucasian, were granted reductions on informal reviews with a few words and one occasion no docs at all.


Photo: Cuyahoga Tax records Informal Reviews for 2591 Lee Road.


Former three transfers were all Caucasians that’s as far as tax records go back.


Informal reviews reductions for 2591 Lee Road:


2003- Hansen denied


2006- Hansen claimed "heavy traffic. very noisy. Senior citizen”, reduction granted $18,000.


The bells were the noise then and remain a nuisance of peace and enjoyment in the yard or opening windows at 2591 Lee Road.


Prior to purchase, the property had a tall buffer of hedges in the front yard. February 2020, I removed the hedges, the noise comes from the excessive church bells, ringing on the hour and every 15 minutes. This is a wood frame house with little or no insulation built in 1925. There is no justified reason why a church would want or need to ring bells that loud, that long, every day except to force certain people out of the neighborhood. 


2015- Jenks submitted no docs, reduction granted $9,400 For the record, Shaun Jenks is an accountant


2018- Jenks submitted comps and photos, reduction granted $21,000


The above reductions came without any case law or appraisal to deny their request upwards of  $48,400.






2585 Lee Road: Caucasian Informal Reviews


(2003) $3,200, (2006) $24,300, (2009) $4,000, (2012) denied, (2015) $8,300, (2018) $89,200


BOR :2003 denied and 2012 ($5,700)


Total Reductions $134,700




2591 Lee Road: Informal Reviews


(2003) denied, (2006) $18,000, (2015) $9,400, (2018) $21,000- Caucasians


BOR: (2010) $48,700, (2018) $140,000 Caucasians


(2021) denied-Appeal increased property value from $216,700 to 232,500 Woman of Color


Total Reductions: $237,100




2599 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews


BOR: (2004) $34,400, Unknown


(2012) denied-Appeal denied Family of Color purchased October 06,2008 sold May 08, 2023


(2019) denied- Family of Color


Total Reductions: $34,000




2605 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews RED alert this is a rental property, with no exemptions it is the lowest taxed property on the block. Photos on Zillow and description suggest this property has it all, to include heated garage.


BOR: (2013) $70,525, (2014) $59,900,


(2019) $123,200 Caucasian


Total Reductions: $253,625




2615 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews/BOR


2627 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews/BOR



2629 Lee Road: Informal Review


(2018) $43,500


BOR: (2014) denied


Total Reductions: $43,500



2637 Lee Road: Informal Reviews


(2003) $7,300, (2006) $9,600, (2009) $5,000




Total Reductions: $21,900



2645 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews/BOR



2628 Lee Road: Informal Review


(2018) $41,900




Total Reductions: $41,900




2624 Lee Road: Informal Review


(2006) $10,000




Total Reductions: $10,000




2618 Lee Road: Informal Reviews


(2015) $17,900, (2018) $55,600


BOR: (2014) $ 39,600


Total Reductions: $113,100




2608 Lee Road: No Informal Review/BOR



2600 Lee Road: Informal Reviews


(2006) $16,000 (2018) denied


BOR:(2015) $71,600


(2019) $22,300 Caucasian


Total Reductions: $109,900




2592 Lee Road: Informal Reviews


(2003) $12,600, (2006) $21,000 Unknown


BOR: (2019) denied Caucasian


Total Reductions: $33,600




2584 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews


BOR: (2004) denied,


(2018) $48,400 Caucasian


Total Reductions: $48,400




2572 Lee Road: No Informal Reviews/BOR



2566 Lee Road: Informal Review


It appears in 2018 the homeowner wanted an increase in value from the certified value  of $241,200 to $289,800.


Total increased value $48,600.



Those who requested and those who were granted reductions there seems to be an unfair playing field.


This is proof that everyone who owns in this high taxed city are not paying high taxes.


All not Equal nor Welcome!!!


Attached documents in no particular order:

Permits for the remodel in 2019 some of the documents belong to 2592 lee Road this is the document the city of Cleveland Heights sent over.


Appraisal 2020 from 2591Lee Road.com


Inspection 2020 from 2591Lee Road.com


Pest report 2020 from 2591Lee Road.com


Permits from remodel 2019


2019 POSI


Jenks Appraisal 2018 from BOR files


Acknowledgement form with Patricia Rainge business card.


In closing, $48K permit work will not increase the value from $100K to $260K.  If I were to invest $48K in a $100K property there is no way an appraiser or the county will bump the value up to $260K.


My former assessment was $300K to remodel after taking into considerations the elements that adversely impact this property be it nature or human, it would be best to tear it down and build a new house with modern amenities, with an investment of $700K to $1.5M for soundproofing from the church bells, a solid concrete fence seven to ten feet below ground and as high as the ordinance will allow around the perimeter for the control of   trespassers and alleged released   wildlife. The current wood and chain-link fence in the backyard were installed by former owners Jenks and/or Hansen trying to save their property from rodents.


If the property is accessed for the foreclosure sale it will come in very low under $50K to $84K.


The comp I am submitting is 2592 Dartmoor Rd sold for $145,373 in 2022. It sold for higher because its on a quiet street and it’s a brick house.


Based on what so called investors have offered and my own assessment this property would be sold for its location and more than likely demolished.  I will go a step further to say,  that the owners of 2585 Lee Road or 2592 Lee Road may opt to purchase the lot to expand their lot and not have to deal with another neighbor.  


This property, 2591 Lee Road has been grossly overtaxed in value since 2021, the assessment is based solely on the sale of the property February 14,2020 that was a questionable transfer history and did not comply to Cleveland Heights transfer ordinance


The BOR or Appeal Board did not consider  the condition of the property stated from the current occupant of the property. The only reason the exterior looks decent is because I am a former landscape owner, to avoid city fines for weeds, and to monitor the alleged release of wildlife onto the property.  


My value for 2591 Lee Road is for the garage and land for $84,000.



Good day

Princess Ada Israel