November 09,2023 @ 11:09 p.m. 

Let it be known that not  one of you  crackheads will stop me from celebrating my  HOLY DAYS.  Your tactics may work on those who are weak in their faith ,almost four years, still  celebrating.   Reviewing my archives of Holy Days, to include my Sabbaths, it's the same set of idiots with the same tacticts  sending trespassers,police,firemen and wildlife to my property.

  The  locals on the block set in motion early on that I would not have  large groups of Hebrews  of Color congregating at my house with their collective pile of dung.

  It's a coincidence that my Internet is slow or down for hours. December 2022, my Internet was down for days after I didn't sell the property to an investor. Also note, this was after the 7 Caucasians marched on the property.   Im not a lawyer but this could be a FCC violation. 

For this reason, I have several cell phones with unlimited data reserved exclusively to  interact with my family.  Thanks to the Internet, I am able to congregate with more family without speding a dime on gas or airfare. 

I'm not a lawyer ,these acts of interference  may qualify as  a hate crime. 

In addition ,when I place decorations on my yard a high presence of police  are  on the block.  If they were doing a  thorough background check they would see my calendar of  HOLY DAYS  posted on  the Internet.  For the record, all my HOLY DAYS are described in the Bible with the dates and reasons for the celebration. 

Videos and documentation will show that every single HOLY DAY this communty collectively have interfered with my FREEDOM of RELIGION

My decorations  are my artisct expression of  my  HOLY DAYS. 

   The stores are currently  selling Christmas decorations and people are decorating their yards/homes  without any interference or intimidations or skunks  released on their property. 

What I can't understand is why Caucasians interfere with Hebrews of Color  celebrations when they are capitilizing off the events. Hebrews of Color  all over the United States patronize other nations for  food ,wine,spirits, candles,decorations  and clothing, often spending hundres to thousands of dollars for  one Holy Day.  

My question again ,Why do Caucasians interfere with Hebrews of Color celebration?

Answer. Fear,it's spelled out as clear as day in the Bible.