November 14,2023@ 7:11a.m. 

Pardon the delay ,Friday ,April 14,2023  (PASSOVER) Matt Kovach neighbor on the block   called the fire department after  I  cursed him out and asked him to leave the property, 21 firemen and police responded.  There was no smoke or fire visible when the firemen arrived  within three minutes. 

 Days before the mail carriers were walking through my decorations  and I filed a complaint with USPS .  Afterwards, I added decorations on the steps.  Matt Kovach along with firemen and police officers trampled over my  religious decorations.

I have a copy of the 911 calls  where I am heard in the background telling  Matt Kovach to leave the property.

I'm not a lawyer , someone heard my story and directed me to the new code that went into effect April 12, 2021.

In the  state of Ohio it is a felony to call EMS when there is no emergency , Ohio Code  Section 2917.32 making false alarms.

No worries because no charges were filed against Matt Kovach . 

A video link  of this entire event to include the police body cam,dispatch calls /reports  from all fire engines Shaker,University and Cleveland Heights ,my body cam,security video and the camcorder that was on the porch recording my cookout will post in the near future. 

All not EQUAL nor WELCOME!!!!