2022 BOR

July 07,2023

Dispute to Cuyahoga County BOR for 2022 Tax Reduction submitted September 06,2023 for September 18,2023 hearing.  Documents submitted ,dispute and results will post here.  This is public information. 

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 2018-Jenks - BOR  reduction  of  property value  $240,000 to $100,000 

Total $140,000

A married Caucasian Couple

2021 -Israel- BOR Denied-

 BOR Appeal -  property value increased from $216,700 to $232,500

Total $15,800

A single. Hebrew ,Woman of Color 

www.pointofsaleinspection.org /home/taxes

2022- Israel -BOR 

BOR DISPUTE POSTED 09/18/2023  @ 6: 49 p.m.  

Status: Dimissed 09/22/2023  ORC 5715.19(A)(2)

The ORC used to dismiss  my complaint was incomplete . The fact that they called me  on that day proved they didn't read my complaint when it was filed.  

Information on Cuyahoga County  property website is incorrect for this property. It does not show there was an increase in value from the appeal , nor does it show an appeal. 

YOU HAVE 30 days from the date of the BOR decision to file an appeal. 

Appeal  filed  10/ 10/2023 , BOR was notified with a copy of the appeal via email, failure to serve  BOR notice could dismiss your case,  telephone  hearing set for   12/28/2023 @ 10:00 a.m.  PENDING

Do not be intimidated to file an appeal, its a simple process, if you need help call the Board of Tax Appeal  (BTA) @  614- 466-6700 they will walk you through step by step, it is all automated.  

ALL not EQUAL nor Welcome!!!

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