United States Postal Service(USPS)

                         665 Postal Service Standards of Conduct 

                                  Requirements for city delivery mail receptacles

February 20,2024

As far as July 22,2020 the same complaint has been filed on carriers trespassing on 2591 Lee Road.  

  January 05, 2024   complaint  filed . 

January 09,2024  complaint filed and spoke to supervisor at Cleveland Heights post office. Two complaints were filed one for the carrier trespassing and words exchanged via the supervisor telephone call.

January 10,2024 USPS processed my  out of state forwarding address.

January 12,17,19,31,February 1,5 and 16 of 2024 complaints were filed. 

It is my opinion ,that someone sent mail carriers to my property to engage in a physical altercations, for  a federal charge on me. The sender(s) were hoping for a fatality to bring national attention to this broke down town. 

For this and similar reasons ,I chose to relocate out of the state of Ohio.

November 30,2023 @4:44 p.m.

I have read the  Postal Service   Standards of Conduct and  I believe that some of the postal workers are in violations of the standards of conduct that is  expected. 

November 14,2023 @ 8:25 a.m. 

What amazes me is that USPS substitute  carriers continue to come on this property even though their supervisor  sent me a letter stating,"I have spoken personally with your carrier to request they stay off of your property. In addition, I wrote up a special instruction card for your address so prevent substitute carriers from crossing your property.'

I believe someone on this block is paying and instructing substitute carriers to walk on my property and through my decorations. I plan on filing a lawsuit against USPS  in the near future.