September 19,2023 @ 10:03 a.m. 

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The $400 Million Ponzi Scheme That Suckered San Diego

It is just a matter of time before this POSI  land  on  AMERICAN GREED, you cannot keep taking homes like they are monopoly board game pieces  and think all homeowners will go along,  happily ever after.

 In the past three years, so called investors have pitched me some creative options to salvage my credit and steal the property.  All of them smelt like a pile of dung. I know, if they pitched that mess to me, that’s what they are pitching to others ,in similar situation.

The pandemic mortgage deferment was a setup, to cause widespread financial ruins and make lenders wealthy 100 times over.   I opted for the deferment; my initial rate was 3.125%, after one year of deferred payments, the lender increased the interest to 6.250% with additional fees. That was the natioanl average rate. The aftermath,homelessness and foreclosures are  at an all time high. 

Now, add in the  property taxes that  doubled, plus an unknown POSI escrow, if I try to sell the property. Now you have the perfect storm for financial ruins.  

The POSI is the nail in the coffin because I cannot gamble on what an inspector might require for repairs.  History has already shown the increase  with  former inspections for 2591 Lee Road ,from under a thousand dollars upwards to over $43,000.

Think about this clever scheme of things. The city dictates to you, the homeowner, how much repair work is required. You must pay an escrow of equal value, while hiring contractors to make the repairs.

The nail in the coffin, if you decide you don’t want to sell, you are required to complete the repairs and post escrow of equal value.

  It doesn’t take long for an inspector to tally up tens of thousands of dollars in repairs for these century old properties.

In my case ,they made me abide by the city POSI ordinance and turned a blind eye to those who failed to disclose the POSI.

 Even when they were only inspecting the exterior, the inspectors could easily generate tens of thousands of dollars for repairs in tree removal alone for 2591 Lee Road.

I can’t believe people buy into this housing scheme.


In addition, the bank is in no hurry to file my  foreclosure because they have eight years  per an attorney I spoke with,  the property was sold prior to the new  law that reduced the time from eight years to six years. 


 Apparently, this is a highly desired property and it’s owned by a Person of Color, the bank would not dilly dally on filing foreclosure.  I have read many cases  on Cuyahoga County foreclosure docket, that show the swiftness with banks filing.

 If this property would have transferred properly, it would have been on the foreclosure docket by November 2022, one month after the deferment and I declined the loan modification.

 The property would have been on the auction block by May 2023, if this property had no questionable transfer history.  

With that being said, I will do what I need to do, to recover my losses.




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